About Me

I am a motivated technological enthusiast. Well, kind of. I make the best out of what I already have. Nothing is better than learning a new skill. My current focus is around networks, servers, and websites. Hopefully one day, I aspire to be more specialized to a specific aspect in computer sciences rather than knowing a bit of everything. While the variety is nice, it would be nicer if I could know some area better.

Now with a full time employment I have much more available resources to learn and advance my skillset.

My Future

My current plan for my future is to learn a few things, including how to set up Active Directory. At the same time, I plan on learning a new programming language. Some of the options include, C derivatives like C# or C++, and Swift, among others. The only thing stopping me now is time. I'm very open to whatever comes my way, so these plans are not set in stone, however they are my long-term objectives.

Matthew Radu
9601 Westlake Rd.
Taylor, MI 48180

Matthew Radu

Last updated on: August 4, 2019